Clocks Piano Sheet Music Coldplay

Clocks Piano SHEET MUSIC  Coldplay

Coldplay – Clocks Piano – Sheet Music Free PDF Download

Clocks Piano”  is a  2017 song by Coldplay for Piano / Vocal/ Guitar Chords,  Video and Lyrics song Sheet Music

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  • Clocks Piano'” is a song by the British band Coldplay. All members of the band made up for his second studio album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. Created on the basis of repetitive arpeggios in the piano.
  • Author: Coldplay
  • Album:  A Rush of Blood to the Head
  • Release: 2003
  • Genre:  Piano rock / Britpop / Rock alternative
  • Tonality:  C Major
  • Sheet Music Format: PDF
  • Difficulty: Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
  • Piano Sheet Music Coldplay
  • Clocks Piano Sheet Music 

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Clocks Piano Lyrics Coldplay
The lights go out and I can’t be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing
Come out of the things unsaid
Shoot an apple off my head and a
Trouble that can’t be named
A tiger’s waiting to be tamed, singing
You are, you are
Confusion that never stops
The closing walls and the ticking clocks gonna
Come back and take you home
I could not stop, that you now know, singing
Come out upon my seas
Cursed missed opportunities am I
A part of the cure
Or am I part of the disease, singing
You are, you are
You are, you are
You are, you are
And nothing else compares
And nothing else compares
And nothing else compares
You are, you are
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go
Home, home, where I wanted to go (You are)
Home, home, where I wanted to go (You are)

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